Ready to wear fast

I spent some time reading a couple of  blogs today and everyone posted all of the garments that they had sewn in 2013, unfortunately for me I'd have to say I've sewn at least 5.  This would include sewing for others.

I don't do resolutions but I do make plans.  My plan for this year is to sew more, whether for myself or for others, it doesn't matter.
I joined the RTW(ready to wear) fast over at goodbyevalentino. This might mean lots of skirts and dresses in my wardrobe since I have not been able to sew up a pair of pants where I like the fit.  Not that having lots of skirts and dresses is a bad thing, its just that I am not confident in sewing up pants.  All of my previous attempts have flopped.  But this will make me sew more that's for sure and perfect a pair of pants.  I just have to overcome my fear of failure.
RTW Fast badge
Another way to help me stay and track of this goal is by sewing a garment a month.  I joined the make a garment a month blog challenge.

Well I have a busy year in store for me but I am ready and excited about it.

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