Last Sunday I went hiking with 3 of my kids.
The boys are in BoyScouts and 1 daughter and 1 of the boys are in Venturers.

We hiked up at Jockey Hollow.  It's a 5 mile hike with another 5 miles this coming Saturday.
After the hike if they choose to write a report of what they learned the can get a special medal.
This is the Medal and The Boy Scout Patch.

   BSA Medal & Patch

One thing that I learned is that one winter during the Revolutionary war, it got so cold the all the water in this area froze.

It was so cold that the soldiers were able to pull a 2 ton canon over the hudson river.  They pulled it from NYC(Battery Park) to Staten Island.

This means that they walked over where The Statue Of Liberty Currently stands.
Saying that it was cold is an understatement. Miss Liberty stands where the Atlantic Ocean and The Hudson River meet.  Can you imagine being able to walk, with 2 elephants, over this, nope neither can I.
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