Quiet at the home front A.K.A Sewing Time-out

Well its actually not been quiet ( It never is in a house with 7 kids) :)  I just haven't had much time to sew lately.  This year 2 of my kids are in sports, 1 plays baseball( actually its T-Ball) and we also signed her up for soccer.  My 10yo ds is in baseball.  So with games and practices its been hard to sew.
Also I am in the process of preparing my kids school schedule.  We school through the summer but with a much lighter load, unless they slacked off during the school year.  Then they have to make up any unfinished work over the summer.  You can read more about our schooling here.

As far as sewing goes I have a lot of projects in mind.  First off I have to finish dd#2's skirt.  Its a knit so I am thankful for my serger.  It makes sewing knits so much easier.  Then there are 2 ladies in our church that are expecting.  One is having a boy, the other a girl.  I plan on making them some bibs and burp cloths.  You can never have to many of these as a mom with a new born.  DD#2(miss B) is graduating this June.  So I would like to make myself a dress.  She wants a store bought dress and this is fine.  Its her day.  I would also like to make Miss A and Miss J (dd's #3&4) dresses for this occasion also.  I have part of one dress done already, I just need to finish it up and start on the other one.

As for my dress I can not make up my mind.   Which is crazy because I don't have a lot of time left, her graduation is on June 5th.  Yup you read right June 5th.  I must like to feel as if I'm going crazy.  I can never figure out why I wait till the last minute to do things.

Here are just a some of the dresses I am considering.

Burda Issue 11/2011

Burda Issue 11/2011

Burda Issue 10/2011

These are just a few dresses.  There are many more.  So many choices.  I think I am leaning towards the last dress, the burgundy one.  Not sure. I'm really liking the first dress.  I bought some nice crepe back satin that I can use for this dress.  Its a beautiful greenish color.  Something like a pale green. Its really pretty.  :)
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