Cloth Napkins.

So the other day, I was browsing the web and came upon some cloth napkins.  Now being a family of 10 with 9 people currently living at home (oldest son lives in a different state), you can say we go through a lot of napkins.  So I decided to try and make some cloth napkins.  The hardest part for me was choosing which type of fabric.  I did a search on the web and found that basically any fabric will do.  This was good news.  I had some dresses that my older daughters did not like (I didn't like the fabric much) so I decided to use them.  Since this was just a trial run what harm could it do seeing that the dresses where headed for the dump.

Next was deciding on a pattern.  I knew that I did not want large napkins,  I just wanted them big enough for my younger girls.  I decided to copy a wash cloth and use that as a pattern.  I thought the size of it was perfect.

After they were all cut up I serged the sides.  I really did not want to hem them.  Serging them was just so much more quicker.

Here they are

These are just 2 that were left from the 8 that I made.  They fit perfectly in my napkin holder.  They were a hit with my kids.

I did not like the fabric as a dress, but as napkins they are really pretty.
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