Refreshed and ready.

I feel so refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of this year. 
 As far as school goes on Monday my kids will start getting dressed from head to toe.  My boys will have to wear shirt, tie and khakis.  I will be sewing up some jumpers for my 2 little girls (they will wear regular clothes till then).  I haven't decided what to do with my 13 yodd.  Not sure if I should have her wear a skirt or pants( leaning more towards a skirt and maybe even a tie).  Why am I doing this?  Well I went to catholic school my whole life and saw the difference in the behavior(during school) of the kids.  Also I want my kids to know that their education is important, its not something to bum around with.  So out with the pj's and in with the clothes.  I am revamping our schedule, and what subjects they do.  I might even teach them some subjects all together.  Lets see..
Speaking of getting dressed what are some of your thoughts when it comes to wearing "uniforms" for school.  I am all for it and as you can see will be implementing this in our school.

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