My Dress Form

Last night my daughter helped me tape myself up to make my dress form.  My husband came and helped finish me off.  What I have learned is that its not that easy.  Being in the form was OK , cutting me out was difficult for my husband( he didn't want to cut me)  All in all we laughed a lot..  After the duct tape we used masking tape to cover it with...I didn't want it to be gray....  So after I am cut out of it we decided to tape up the back with duct tape first then cover that tape with masking tape

Bad idea,  duct tape does not stick to masking tape.  My dress form kept opening up, even after I had stuffed it.  I had to literally remove all the stuffing and close it with masking tape.  Then I went ahead and re-stuffed it.  Everything stayed in place after that.  Since it had opened up on me, its a inch or two bigger then my waist size.  Its OK, I remeber reading a post where a lady explained that a dress form is to just hang the clothes on.  Since I will still be fitting my clothes it really doesn't matter.

Hopefully I can go ahead and fix the dress I made that came out wonky. 
It was hard for me to adjust what was wrong while it was on me, so my form may help Hopefully

Here are the pictures

I do plan on making another one but not out of duct tape.  This one will be made based on my measurements either with fabric(like this custom-dress-form) or mat board (body double)  Since I have his book, it would be easy for me to do.

All in all I am happy with my form..
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