Bitten by the sewing bug.

 I had signed up to take the Sew Retro Perfect Bombshell Dress class with Gretchen Hirsch.  I haven't made the dress yet. Actually I signed up more for the learning tips then for the dress itself.  I did the same for the class The Couture Dress taught by Susan Khalje. You can head on over to craftsy and check out these classes.  Even though I have been sewing since my teen years, I still have lots to learn.  Both of these classes have taught me so much, I am glad I took them.  

After watching both of them and Project Runway All Stars I can say that the sewing bug has bitten me..  
I went into NYC on Wednesday and bought wax tracing paper( both classes spoke about it).  I got 2 sheets one red and one blue.  They are large( not sure how big) I haven't measured them yet.  They are much larger then the non-wax ones you find nowadays.  These should last me a long time.  I got them at SIL Thread 257 West 38th Street, New York, NYC.  I also stopped over at Pacific Trimmings 218 W. 38th Street, New York, NYC and noticed that they also carry the waxed paper.  I refrained from going into MOOD and went into Spandex world.  Their prices are pretty decent.  I bought some nice cotton knit fabric. 

This picture does no justice to the colors of the fabric.
The bottom fabric is a nice rust color and the fabric on top is a mustard yellow.  Beautiful colors.

Now all I need is a dress  form.  After trying to make a dress for myself I realized how important it is to have one of these.  Trying to adjust fittings etc.. while the fabric is on you is not easy.  I want to try and make a duct tape dress form.  Hopefully I can find some time tomorrow to do it.  I will post pics if I am able to.  There are plenty of videos on YouTube that show how to make one of these.
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