Parental Rights

Little by little with out us realizing it our rights as parents are being striped away.   When we vote for our politicians we need to also check up on them to make sure that they are working on our behalf.  We sometimes tend to forget that THEY WORK FOR US.  We vote them into office to represent us.  Most times we vote and leave it alone, never checking up on them.  Everything that has to come up for a vote is public record, we can check to see if they are doing the job.  We can also send tons and tons of emails, letters,etc.. to get our voices heard.
What has happened is that we have put our trust in man.  We trusted these people to do what they said they would do, but as human nature would dictate they failed us.  Not being accountable is an easy way to go astray.  We as a nation are no longer accountable to the word of God, and this is the result.  
Here is a short video explaining how our rights as parents are slowly being taken away. Movie
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