Whats for Dinner #6

Today I am bringing you Yellow Rice (Spanish style).

Here are the ingredients for a basic yellow rice.  You will need 1 packet of Sazon. 1/2 a packet if you are not making alot of rice.  I make about 5 cups here for us and I use a whole packet.  A pinch of salt, a few dashes of Adobo, 2 tablespoons of Tomato Sauce, 2 tablespoons sofrito.  You can get the ingredients for sofrito here
and about 2 tablespoons oil (not pictured)

We cook the rice in whats called a Caldero.  Its basically a large quart pot.

OK so we put the pot on the stove to heat up then we add the oil.

When the oil is nice and hot we add in all the ingredients, no particular order, just put it all in there and mix it up well.

Once its mixed up real good we add in the rice.  You want to have the rice ready for this step so its a good idea to rinse it before you start cooking.
Mix it all up real good.  Make sure all the rice gets covered with the sauce in the pot, you do not want two tone rice.
Once its mixed up good, you add your water.  Add enough water to just cover the top.  About an inch of water covering the top of the rice.  A good way to measure is using your finger.  Put it in the water just on top of the rice, not pushing down onto the rice.  If the water level is at the first line at the back of your finger you have enough water.  Its a good idea to add the water a little at a time.  You don't want to put in too much water, then you get extremely sticky rice.
Put the flame on high and cover the rice.  Cook it till there is no water left in the pot, being careful not to burn the rice.

  Then I put the rice in a mound.  This step is not necessary just something my mom and her mom etc... would do.

Cook the rice till it is soft (done).  Once done serve it with what ever meat/veggie you made.
Here we have yellow rice with stewed chicken and split peas.  YUMMM

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