Homemade Iced caramel coffee

I was never a coffee drinker up until my 6th pregnancy.  During this time I tasted someones Ice coffee and have loved it since then.  I'm thinking its one of those pregnancy things.  You know its either you never ate it before until you got pregnant or you loved it until you got pregnant. Anyway, I make my husband coffee every morning, so I decided to try making ice coffee.  Now all I did was wait till it cooled added some milk and that was it.  I did not like it.  Recently I found out that I could make caramel using sweet condensed milk.  Basically you take the can, put it in a pot add lots of water and boil it for about 4 hours.  So I had the idea of doing this and adding it to the ice coffee.  I can say I will not have to buy it at DD any more.  This is soo goood.
After I make my hubby's coffee I wait till it cools some but not to much.  I put 1-2 tablespoons of the homemade caramel in my cup then add some coffee.  I put in enough ice cubes to fill up the cup then I add my milk.  I also add a little bit of vanilla extract.  It doesn't even need sugar.  It is so good.

Give it a try.

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