Fall Challenge take 1

I am also thinking of adding gauchos, but not sure.  I really like how they look with boots, but I may just make the skirt for the Fall Challenge over at coletterie.

I don't want to go real big here.  6-7 pieces are a lot for me time wise.  Hopefully I can get at least half done in 8 weeks.

I want to make the short skirt in mustard, the pants in black, one shirt in Burgundy, the other shirt in brown with the dress in green.  The long skirt will be brown.  I was thinking, if I make the cardigan I might make it in green.  A nice dark green, still undecided.  I went to  MOOD the other day with my daughter again, and purchased the fabrics for the short skirt and the pants.  I am so excited to get started.

I am not going to make the first shirt on the board, I will post a picture of the shirt as soon as I can, the other shirt will be a knit shirt.  I will also try to post a picture of it.  This means the shirt I have up on my board is not going to be made.  I may save it for spring since it needs sheer fabric.
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