Dress for Miss-B

My daughter wanted a dress, so I had her go through all my patterns and this is the one she picked.
Its Simplicity (Built by Wendy) 3835.  She wants the blue dress but just a little shorter.  I took her to the fabric store and she picked out a snake print fabric in black.  Its really nice.  I started working on the dress today.  I had previously traced out the pattern.  I am basically done, just have to redo the sleeves.  They were to tight and I cut out the wrong ones.  She wanted the ones that are on the blue dress but I cut out the ones that were on the black print dress.  So I guess that's good.  Besides that all I have to do is sew in the zipper and hem it.  I basted the zipper in.  I am learning that it is better to baste your garment and then sew, then to sew and have to use the seam ripper.  I literally have around 3 seam rippers.  I keep misplacing them.   Also by basting first I am able to try it on her with out pocking her with tons of pins.  It may seem time consuming but think of how much time you save without having to rip out the seams and resew everything.
I will post picks once its done.
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