cool find #3

I've been so busy I totally forgot that today is Friday.  Now we don't have cable so I watch Project Runway over at  So after this post I will be going to watch PR.

  On to my cool find.  This one I found at Ikea Hackers.  WE love shopping at Ikea.  My oldest daughter Miss-N is going into her second semester of college, so we decided to give her the basement.  I had wanted to give it to the boys since there are 3 of them sharing a room, but decided to give it to miss-N seeing that she is 18, working and going to school.  Sorry for rambling back to the cool find.

We plan on making this for her bed.  It's made out of 2 expedit bookcases and a bed slate.  They used a full size bed, but we are going to use a twin size bed.  After measuring her bed and using the measurements from IKEA, it might be possible for us to go with out the slate.  We haven't decided yet,  I guess we will see once we have the bookcases on hand. It helps with storage or even clothing, you can use that space for almost anything.  Its a great idea.  Check out the site.  Tons of ideas as to how to use IKEA furniture in different ways.
Even if you just shopping at their clearance section.
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