Casanova from Project Runway season 8

My husband had today off from work so I went into the city with my daughter.  She works at Rockefeller Center. We went to Kinokuniya.  Its an Asian bookstore.  I think mostly Japanese, but I'm not 100% sure.  I went there to buy a pattern book called Pattern Magic by , but instead I bought Patternmaking in practice by Lucia Mors.
I then went to MOOD.  Yes the same one the show on Project Runway.  When I stepped out of the elevator there was Casanova.  He was one of the contestants from season 8.   The first thing I did was call my daughter but she did not pick up the phone.  So I sent her a text.  I could not remember his name so I had her there trying to remember who he was.  When I finally did get to speak to her I remembered his name.  I did not go up to him or anything, no one else there made a big deal so I sure didn't want to.  Hopefully next time I go, she can come with me and some other contestant from PR will be there.

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