Be Prepared always

When we heard about the hurricane that was coming our way, I did not panic.  A few years ago our Pastor had asked everyone to start storing food away since in times of crisis people panic and food is gone quick.  Well that is exactly what happened.  Complete chaos.  We were prepared because we took the advice of our pastor.  Every time I went food shopping I would buy to store in my basement.  Sometimes I would just shop for our basement.  We have saved enough not only for ourselves but in the event that people need to stay in our house.  I did not only buy food but toiletries, batteries, candles, flashlights, everything.  All of our important papers are in one bag ready to grab and go.

It was pure insanity, we went to the supermarket on Friday to buy milk and some snacks.  The shelves were already beginning to become empty.  The workers could not fill the shelves fast enough.  I heard of people being online for 45 minutes to pay for their groceries, others were on for longer.  One friend said she saw a line go out side of the store.  Another friend saw a lady take a can of tuna out of someone else's shopping cart.  Another friend was in Walmart at 1 in the morning, where she saw people fighting over the last case of water and then she had to wait online for 45 minutes, at 1 in the morning, can you imagine.

All this to say please be prepared, you never know when a calamity will strike.  Some things I am going to add are life vests.  Also we have a water cooler, I would throw out the empty bottles but I am going to keep them.  They are good to fill up with water in case the water gets shut off or if it needs to be boiled.  I can use the water in the bottles instead to use for things like rinsing hands, washing dishes, flushing toilets etc... potable water.  I also learned that you can add 1/8 teaspoon plain bleach to one gallon of rain water.  This is a great way to sanitize with out having to boil it.
A picture is worth  one thousand words.  Here are some pictures of the bread shelves at our local supermarket.

To think that there are still people who have no electricity, or their houses are flooded.
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