Sofrito pronounced so-free-toe, is what Spanish people use to season most if not all of their food.  Some people even put it on top of their already  cooked food.  I use it everyday and add it to all of my uncooked food.  Even when I fry chicken,  I rub it on the chicken before I fry it.  Here is a picture of some I made.

  This is very easy to make.  You only need a blender or food processor.  The ingredients can be changed up any way you like.  You can add and even subtract from it.
Here is how I make it
1-2 yellow onions
3 heads of garlic ( we love garlic here, you can use less if you like)
1-2 red peppers (bell)
1-2 Green peppers (bell)
1-2 heads of Cilantro
a bunch of recaito (this is the base of any sofrito, its also known as culantro.  I buy it buy the bunch, not loose)
After rinsing off all the ingredients and chopping them up into smaller pieces, you put them in the blender/food processor.  I do not cut the onion into small pieces.  I just cut them in half(they make me cry).  I add them  first because when you blend them, you get a lot of onion juice.  This helps cut down on your need to add water.  Once all of the onions are blended then you go ahead and add your other ingredients.  After everything is blended mix it up real good and store them in some containers.  I use glass and plastic containers.  This also freezes very well, so you can freeze any extra you may have.  I fill a glass jar and freeze whatever is left.  This also defrosts quickly.

If you give it a try let me know how you like it.

Next will be How to make Spanish Rice.
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