Organization and Sanity

I need to get a little bit more organized here.. I don't know about you but with 1 young adult, 2 teenagers, 2 kids and 2 toddlers I desperately need to be organized.  Lets not for get that 2 out of the 7 are extremely active.  I mean from the minute they wake up to when they have fallen asleep, all they do is run around the house, climb on/over everything or body.  Just getting them to clean in the morning(basic chores here) is a job in itself.

I have made up chore charts before, the problem is sometimes I forget to print out either the next days sheet or the next weeks sheet.  Well I seem to have found the answer to my problem... laminate chore cards.

You can read about them here, even check out her organization system.  I used to do something similar to the binder system back when I attempted to be a flybaby, you know from   I still do shine my sink I have to say.  One day I will be organized, at least that is my goal  :)

I have come to realize that my kids do not bicker as much when they are busy.  So I must find things to do with them to keep them busy or even find things for them to do on their own to keep them busy.  Boredom is the evil that starts the sibling quarrels rolling if you ask me.  This is how I will stay sane.
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