Cool finds Fridays.

Welcome to the first cool finds Fridays.  Every Friday I will post something/s that I find cool and interesting.  It can and will be anything( a project to do with the kids, a quote, anything)

To start it off, here is a project that you can do either for your kids or yourself.  Its a great way to recycle.  It has so many possibilities.  All you need are some washed out tin cans, hot glue and a cookie sheet.  You hot glue the cans to the cookie sheet, then fill the cans up with crayons, markers, lego's, anything you want.  hang it on the wall where your kids can reach it and you are good to go.
You can even use this for yourself.  You can organize your sewing notions, or you can use it for odds and ends like batteries.  I never know where to store batteries.

Here is the same idea but using plastic cups, twist ties and peg board

The possibilities are endless. Till next Friday.
Here is the original link
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