We got a Pool!!!!!!

They kids love it..  Its not big 12x36. Its a nice size seeing that all the kids fit in it at the same time and they can all run around in it.  Its one of those easy fill pools.  I had wanted one with walls but we couldn't find one.  This one was one sale for $79.99 but when we went to pay it came up to $55.00.  So I will not complain.  I had wanted one that was a little deeper but this is good.  We did not fill it all the way up, so now both of the little girls (3yo, 17month) can stand in it).  The water comes to about the 17 month old shoulders.  The kids had a ball in it regardless of the height of the water. 

My yard still looks like a jungle.  I really need to clean it up.  I plan on making (with the help of my son) the patio set.  I have come to accept the fact that here is where the Lord wants me to be.  So I will begin to fix up little by little.(yes this means that I have avoided doing anything because I was hoping to move to a bigger house).

And now for some pictures

Sorry for the blurred spot.  The baby touched the lens and we did not know.

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