Summer Time

I love the summer......We are a very sports oriented family... my 12yo dd loves swimming, 13yo ds loves baseball and tackle football. He has won 3 football championships with his team and 3 Jackets to show for it.  My 10 ds plays soccer and my 8yo ds is finally out of t-ball and playing baseball, he is a pitcher, an all-around fielder and a good hitter.  He also plays tackle football, has won 1 championship and a jacket also.  My oldest dd (16yo) is into sports but does not play she is more artistic.  I am not sure whats in store for the two little ones.

So i have been very busy with practices and games for baseball.  This year is much better then last when I had 2 playing baseball and 1 playing T-ball.  I was in the park all day, every day.

So I don't have much time to sew which I hope changes,  Lord willing I am going to try and make a schedule to help organize my days.
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