The Shirt Dress

This dress was made from a womens button down shirt I got at the goodwill.  It is so easy to make and it looks great.  You can add rick-rack to it if you want.  I didn't to mine I left it as it was.  It can be a dress or a shirt for an older girl, you just have to get a bigger size.  I made this last year for miss A and now miss J can wear it,  Well enough here is miss J wearing the shirt.

                  Basically the front of the shirt becomes the back of the dress, and the back of the shirt becomes the front of the dress.  That is how you get the top to look the way it does.  Then you use the sleeves of the shirt with some elastic to make the sleeves for the dress.  EASY EASY EASY.  I love clothes that are easy and fast to sew.  My mom came over today and couldn't believe that I sewed the dress. Of course all I had to do was show her the inside seams :)     

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