Labels Labels I have Labels.

So I made my first labels.  I think they came out ok, I think I can make them better.  For now they will do.   Here is how I made them.  I bought ink jet printable freezer paper and ironed my fabric to the paper, then I opened up word and wrote my "logo", then I printed it directly onto the fabric (yes this works I simply put the freezer paper with the fabric in the printer.  You can only do it this way with an ink jet printer).  After which I cut them up and sew them into my garments.  I am so happy.........Well here it is

  this is an up close view..... I will add the size with a fabric pen.  I would like to make a tag that also includes washing instructions.  This will be good if I decide to sell clothes and even when I hand them down to others.

 Here you can see the fabric ironed on to the paper.  with this way there is no flipping of the words.  I also used a heavy font that I made bold......did this because I wanted the print to be dark.

You can also do this with regular freezer paper.  The problem is you have to glue the freezer paper to regular printing paper before you put it in the printer.  I avoided this step by buying printable freezer paper. 

Let me know if you give this a try. 

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