Being the procrastinator that I am, I finished the girls dresses the Saturday before Easter.  I stayed up till 2 am sewing up the dresses. The first on came out better then the last on (sleep deprivation).  On the second dress I made the last button hole is a few inches lower then the button itself.  I don't like the way the collars came out.  I think they were a little to big, but all in all the dresses were nice. While I was making the dresses I realized "hey I can actually make time to sew", its just a matter of managing my time.  Well the dresses came out good.  They were from the Ottobre mag Summer 3/2009 # 5

Miss A can fit in a size 80.  The dress in this size fits her as a shirt.  So I plan on making more of these for her as tunic style tops.  Well enough with the writing here are Miss A in size 92(orange) and miss J in size 80(green).

I am still working on their spring/summer swaps.  Hopefully I'll get them done before fall/winter comes.
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