Test run

I did a test run of one of the swap pieces from both girls swaps #11(polka-dot knit dress).  Its from the spring issue of ottobre(1/2007)
This was pretty easy to put together.  I have a Kenmore sewing machine.  The coolest thing that I found out , I have a serger stitch on my sewing machine. This is also sad because I've had this machine for years, I mean years, but thats how much sewing time I've had.  The wonders of having a sewing table are unbelievable, you really need one( at least I do) if you want to get any sewing done.  This is good for me since I don't have a Serger.  I really need to get one.  Anyway here is a picture of miss A in her "dress". Since I used an unimportant piece of fabric it will be used as a nightgown.

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