Start Sewing

If I can manage to get off this comp maybe I can start sewing.  Its so hard because I keep finding all these things to make. Like this pettiskirt


Its made by Martha, yes the one you are thinking of.  I figure I could make a few of these for less then what they sell them for in boutiques.  But of course I gotta get of the comp.LOL  

Here are some patterns that I bought

you can see some examples of this dress here.

I also bought
examples here    
One of the ones above will be either Miss A's birthday dress or Easter dress.  The other pattern will be from Ottobre either 

            Opinions are very much welcomed.  What do you think?

and last but not least
     I love the name  :)
Here are some examples.  The pattern is just for the dress not the pants.  I cant wait till I get them in the mail along with all of my yummy fabric. 
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