I got my new Ottobre magazine in the mail today. So now I have to re plan my SWAP(sewing with a plan) for ddA. The swap I'm planning will be almost an entire wardrobe(she needs it and I get to sew). Its probably faster to go out and buy her clothes, but I get to sew and I really dont like the clothes they have out for little girls. I like my little girls to look like little girls. I wil post my swap plan when its final. 

I also belong to a yahoo group for sewing up Ottobre clothes Ottobre-english. Great bunch of women there.

 This is the dress( not the jumper dress, but the one in the back with sleeves) I plan on making ddJ for her 1st  birthday next week .  All I have managed to do was to trace it out.  I traced out a size 74 but I think she needs either an 80 or 86.  I would like it a little long to last a bit.  Lord willing I will find the time.  Time, I never seem to have enough.

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