Bread making

While on one of my many internet searches, I came upon a site that said you could have fresh baked bread in 5 minutes every day with out having to knead it.  Seeing on how I had all the ingredients on hand 1)yeast 2)flour 3)salt and of course lukewarm water, I gave it a try.  You basically mix all the ingredients together let it sit for two hours then you can take a piece off and bake it for 30 minutes or you can store it in the frig.  It's good for two weeks in the frig.  While the bread was a hit, I had no chance of taking a picture of it.  It's gone almost right after I take it out of the oven.  Cool ( the bread doesn't even have time to cool)  Anyway if you would like to try it here is the site I got the recipe from.

Today we made bagels.  I don't have the site because my ddB looked it up on the net and wrote down the directions.  They came out great!!!!!     Here they are.

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