Toooo Long

Its been so long since I've been on my blog.  Well with 7 kids (5 which get homeschooled, 1toddler and 1baby) I guess its normal that I don't have time. Lets not forget all the cooking and cleaning one has to do with so many people ohhhhhhh lets not forget clothes (having to wash them that is) it would be so easy to just buy new ones instead of washing them.  I dont mind washing them since its the washing machine that does that or drying them for that fact, but its the folding ooooHHHH how I hate folding clothes. 


I am in the process of making a bag.  I love to sew and make things.  I made my dd a dress for a banquet she had to go to in our church.  I will post the pics of the bag I made as soon as its done.

Tata for now.
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